Brahmarakshas 15th January 2017 Written Episode

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Rishab and Raina reach Narsimha temple with Mohini. Mohini says they have to wake up half human and half lion Narsimha and escapes. Rishab and Raina search her and call her name. Raina says she feels something wrong will happen. In haveli, Sudha prays god to save her son and protect her from evil Mohini. Mohini comes from behind and gives electric shock via device to Rishab and Raina. They both fall unconscious. Mohini ties Rishab to a pole and starts doing pooja on Raina. At haveli, heavy air starts blowing. Daadi enters Sudha’s room and sees her trying to tell something. She calls Nalin to call doc soon and asks Sudha to calm down.

Mohini continues pooja on Raina and asks Narsimha to accept Raina’s sacrifice. Rishab wakes up and is shocked to see that.
Mohini provokes Narsimha to wake up and take Raina’s sacrifice before Rishab wakes up. She tells Raina does not know how pure her blood is and reveals what all she did with Kanakaraj and tells she will get Raina’s blood out and feed it to Nasimha. She says once Narsimha wakes up, she will get back all her powers, then whole world will be under her grip. Rishab is a fool who trusts her blindly. Rishab asks if she did all this, why. Yug continues walking in jungle looking at map and fumes that mom wanted to climb is mountain, it is not ending at all. Mohini says Rishab she will kill Raina and him. Rishab says she cannot be his mom, who is she. Mohini warns not to be oversmart, else she will kill Raina nobody can stop her today. She drags Raina from there. Rishab pleads not to harm Raina, he will do whatever she orders. Yug sees river and thinks he is very thirsty. He hears sound and asks who is it.

Doc treats Sudha and tells Nalin and Daadi that he gave sleep injection to Sudha, she willl be fine soon, they should not give her more tension. Daadi cries that Sudha’s blood Rishab will return soon. Nalin asks where are Rishab and Mohini. Daadi says they will return.

Yug continues searching and finds Kammo, asks what is she doing here. She asks what is he doing here, she heard monster stays here. He says mom has come here to get powers, but he wants all the powers. Kammo says let us search Mohini then. Yug asks to give him water first. She gives and then they start searching. Birds attack them and they hide behind a tree. Mohini comes dragging Raina and with her locket shoos birds away. Yug and Kammo see her and Yug asks Kammo to follow mom while he checks what she has done in temple. In temple, Rishab fumes how can mom do all this. Yug reaches and frees him. Rishab asks if he is with mom. Yug says no, mom is doing it alone and even kidnapped Naina and tells him a fake story. He tells mom is controlling Brahmarakshas. Rishab hugs him and says mom has taken Raina away and requests to help him. Yug says of course, he will and says Kammo has gone behind mom. Mohini realizes Kammo is following her, catches her red handed and gives her a tight slap. She boasts about herself that she is not a fool and continues slapping her. Raina opens eyes.

Sudha wakes up. Daadi says everything is fine, if she is thinking about Rishab, he is fine as Raina is with him, until they are together, they will do anything to save each other.

Raina wakes up. Mohini hits Kammo with stone and makes her unconscious and walks towards Raina. Raina asks what happened, where is Rishab. Mohini says Narsimha came there and Rishab went behind him with a weapon. Raina says let us search Rishab.

Phuli tells villagers that today is puran maasi and Brahmarakshas gets more powerful tonight and cannot be controlled by anyone. Lakhan asks her not to worry. Sarpanch says not to worry, people will be around Phuli.

Mohini acts as feeling tired Raina asks her to relax, she will go and search Rishab. Once she leaves, Mohini takes out stone and orders Brahmarakshas to come. Brahmarakshas gets into village and his birds attack villages and kill them. Raina rushes to temple and searches Rishab, thinks if something happened to her. She runs out of temple calling Rishab. Brahmarakshas reaches in front of Mohini. Mohini says she has brought blood for him and shows silver needle with which she will give her blood. She tells she is the creator and destroyer of Brahmarakshas. Raina comes back and is shocked to hear that. Mohini agrees that she is the one behind all this. Raina reminisces masked Mohini trying to kill her and asks if it was her and not Naina. Mohini says Naina cannot do anything and reminds what all did. Raina asks where is Rishab. Mohini says Narsimha parbat as wanted to sacrifice Raina and rishab was stopping her. Brahmarakshas needs her blood. Raina runs. Mohini laughs that Brahmarakshas will catch her.

Rishab and Yug find Kammo tied, free her and ask who tied her. Kammo says Mohini. Rishab asks where is Raina. Kammo says Mohini took her to asursthal. Rishab says he will go there. Yug says even they will go. While running, Raina’s leg gets stuck into pit and she gets injured. Rishab, Yug and Kammo find villagers dead and rush towards asursthal. Brahmarakshas searches Raina and shouts he needs her blood, he will kill everyone. He finds Raina and pushes her. She shouts to save her. Mohini while walking with stone falls down. Rishab reaches and lifts her up and asks where is Raina. Mohini says Raina has gone. Rishab says he is shame on her, he considered her as mother. She laughs. Yug and Kammo also reach. Rishab asks Yug to handl mom, he will go and search Raina and leaves in his bike. Kammo taunts Mohini that she will do her aarti and then kill her. Rishab finds Brahmarakshas and Raina, throws holi ash on Brahmarakshas, and leaves carrying Raina. Yug and Kammo take Mohini to underground room and tie her. Mohini shouts at Yug if he is a fool. Yug asks her to stop her melodrama, she is ready to kill Rishab and killed Rakhi, soon she may kill her. Mohini says she did all this for him. She asks to stop her drama. Mohini frees her hand and shouts she did all this for him and he betrayed her, now he will see what she can do. She searches stone and does not find it.

Rishab rescues Raina and hides behind tree. Raina hugs him and cries. Rishab asks if it is paiing. She asks if he is fine. They both cry hugging each other. An encouraging song plays in the background. Brahmarakshas walks searching them. They both walk in opposite direction. Brahmarakshas finds them and shouts he needs Raina’s blood, he will not spare her. They both run again. stone on floor starts glowing brightly. In the morning, Raina wakes up and hears Rishab calling her. Rishab is confined in stone. Raina cries and asks Rishab where is he. Rishsab he is here. She continues searching him and he shouts to get him out.

Back home, Yug reads Brahmarakshas book. Kammo asks if he found anything. He asks to shut up. She asks to take his mom’s help. He says mom will free herself and will tie them, he will find out solution himself and will control Brahmarakshas. In asursthal, Brahmarakshas shouts that nobody can control him, he is Brahmarakshas, he will kill Raina. Yug thinks what did mom do in temple and why did she go to Narsimha parbat. Kammo says there was something in Mohini’s purse and tells him what she saw and purse was glowing and then later it was not, something was in that purse. Yug reads about green stone found in Narsimha parbat and says whoever possesses it, can control Brahmarakshas. They hear daadi’s voice and go down. Raina reaches home and informs Daadi that she heard Rishab’s voice but could not find him. Daadi asks what is she telling… Nalin asks where is Mohini. Yug says he tied Mohini in underground room as she is the one controlling Brahmarakshas.

Precap: Brahmarakashas attacks Mohini in asursthal and throws stone on her.

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