Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd December 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with tiwari asking angoori to give breakfast. The landline phone rings n tiwari says who phulmati? He says ohh so u were my ex-proposal phulmati who rejected me saying bull. He says so how is your marriage? He says not nice why so do u want to meet me? He says ok i am leaving for shop now so meet me there we will have samosa n tea. He keeps the call n says no breakfast i am going. Angoori says oh god what is he doing n says i ll call anita n ask her what to do. She calls anita n tells her what all happened. Anita tells her why did u let him go u should have stopped him. Angoori says before i could stop him he left. Anita says ok but now listen to me carefully keep him in control n at night in the bedroom ask him everything as that is the only time when husbands will be in control. She says ok ok i ll ask. Anita says ohh god these husbands just keep on having affairs what to do. She says i am giving lecture to all other woman but what about vibhuti? She says wait i ll read meri chunt saheli magazine. She reads symptoms of husbands having an affair or not n one symptom that is if husband is chatting n sees wife n keeps mobile n makes an innocent face so it means he is having an affair. She sees vibhuti coming n he does exactly the same thing. He then says that so u read this magazine n u think that i have an affair? She says no i trust my vibhuti completely. He says anita i know u well n says now u will say i am not in mood to ask any question then u will say get me coffee n i will make coffe for you n he goes. Anita says vibhuti thinks he is very smart but i am smarter than him. At night, tiwari comes singing a song n angoori asks for whom are you singing n why did u meet phulmati. He tells her that she wanted to meet him to apologize for rejecting him. She says dont lie n says u have an affair with her. He says no i love only bhabiji n corrects n says you. Anita hears vibhuti texting n asks for his phone n password n checks his phone. He tells her the password as shaki aurat n she changes his password n asls who is sheela he says school friend n she asls him to sleep while she checks n thinks i ll message this girl n see whether vibhuti was chatting with her or not. Next morning angoori comes to anita n tells her everything. Anita tells her that u are very innocent n she tells her to take tiwari’s phone secretly n message the girl on which she has doubt. Angoori goes n tells tiwari to go n bath n tickles him n very cleverly takes his phone. He goes n angoori calls laddu n asks him to tell all the ladies name n one turns out to be s*xy as a contact name which turns out to be saxena. Angoori says text her. Laddu texts her hi darling n says i want to meet u so come near my house. Saxena reads message n says tiwari has changed n i had never seen his this side n says i like it. Angoori stands out to see whether the lady comes or not so in order to punish her. Saxena stands outside tiwari’s balcony down n tiwari comes after bathing to dry his clothes in balcony. Tiwari acts like woman n looks at him lovingly n says romantic girly dialogues. Tiwari sees him n says he has gone mad more.

Precap:- Angoori asks ladduu to message that i want to hear u singing near my house but saxena reads it as bathing as laddu by mistake types bathing in hindi instead of singing. Saxena reads it n gets happy. Anita messages vibhuti’s friend n says his friend is so mannerless.

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