Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 25th April 2016 Written Episode

Anguri knocks the door,Tiwari opens door n says hi my darling n hugs her,Tiwari n anguri walk in.

Vibhuti wakes up n walks into his balcony n sees Tiwari n says oh no saw Tiwari shit a bad day I so miss bhabhiji she use to come here drying her hair, Tiwari rushes behind anguri,Vibhuti sees them n says is it bhabhiji home n tries calling anguri n falls down the balcony n then Saxena jumps n says hi bhaiya u too jumping,Vibhuti says not like u n slaps him,Saxena says are u jumping for bhabhi ma,Vibhuti says bhabhiji is home n by the way why can’t I see u properly,Saxena says may be ur eyes some problem,Vibhuti rubs his eyes but still sees unclear.

Anguri sings morning prayer,Vibhuti tries to see her but nothing,Vibhuti says Saxena I can’t see bhabhiji,Saxena says but I can see her very clearly,Saxena walks to her bhabhi ma,Vibhuti still can’t see anguri, anguri says Saxenaji what happened,saxena says bhabhiji how did u leave me alone n go,anguri says but tiwariji was here,saxena says he is of no use,he is the reason behind all my broken bones,anguri says why did u do this,I was gonna come any way,n come to to lunch okay bye n leaves.

Saxena gets very happy n says my ma is here I’m all fine now,Vibhuti says God why did u do this,I was waiting since two moths to see her but look what u did,this is not done, u can’t do this to a lover oh god why. Vibhuti walks home stumbling here n there, n says how will I talk to bhabhiji now how will I praise her now,Anita calls Vibhuti n says where were u, Vibhuti thinks how will I tell her that I fell she will not leave me , Anita says what are u doing here n whom will u praise,Vibhuti says I was praising u baby, Anita says tell me what were u saying, Vibhuti says I’m still working on it , Anita says ok get coffee n then tell me,Vibhuti thinks how will I make coffee n says baby coffee is not good for health my friend told,Anita says ur foolish friends go make me coffee.

Vibhuti some how goes to kitchen, Malkha sees him n says good morning, Vibhuti says hi Tika,he says I’m Malkha, Vibhuti says I’m joking plz help me make coffee,Malkha says I will take 500 bugs for it,Vibhuti slaps him n says make one cmon.

Vibhuti gets coffee n keeps on Anita’s head n says what’s wrong with the table , Anita says are u mad, it’s my head what’s wrong with u, Anita drinks coffee n says its salty, Vibhuti says my friend suggested,Anita says Vibhu, Vibhuti says I’m sorry I’m not doing it purposely I can’t see anything,Anita says stop making excuses,Vibhuti says mummy swear I can’t see anything,Anita says how,Vibhuti says I slipped from balcony n fell down,Anita says wait will cal, doctor,Vibhutis ays plz don’t tell anyone specially tiwariji,Anita says that’s not imp Let me make call first.

Anguri watering plants,Vibhuti walks to her n says hi how are u,anguri says who are u,Vibhuti says it’s how are u,anguri says yes yes,how are u,Vibhuti says u weren’t here we missed u,u look so same n didn’t u miss me,Anguri says yes I did when I use to see a gutter I use to miss u,Vibhuti says ok ok I get it ,anguri says how am I looking in this new dress,Vibhuti hides n says God what is this how will I tell her, anguri says what happened,Vibhuti says looking very pretty, anguri says I got more will show u n tell me,Anita walks to them n says how are u anguriji.

Anita says how is everyone,anguri says all are fine,my ma sent u pickle,Vibhuti says oh I love pickle,Anita says anguriji I will see u later, Vibhu come lets go. Doctor checking Vibhutiji,Anita says what’s wrong with him,doc says open ur eyes wide,tell me how many fingers are these,Vibhuti says I just can see blur images nothing else,doc says oh ok bhabhiji he has lost sight.

Pre cap : Tiwari invites Vibhuti n Anita for lunch Anita says I will surely come but Vibhu is unwell. Anguri Anita n Tiwari at lunch table, anguri sees Vibhuti says good u came plz take a seat, Vibhuti unable to see goes n sits on tiwaris lap.

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