Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 23rd September 2016 Written Episode

All sing while conversing to each other.

Chutan says I don’t care if Vibhu has any mms,bitten says I do, this Vibhuti is useless I don’t want to marry him, n now I’m in love with a new boy, chutan says ok let’s leave n both leave,Vibhuti runs to Anita n says Anu ur genius I love u,happu walks in,Anita says u here,happu says Vibhuti has a warrant bcoz of his mms with gulfamkali,Anita says but how do u have it,Tika walks in n says I’m sorry actually I forwarded it in my group by mistake.

Vibhuti Anita at tiwaris house,Vibhuti praises anguri n says u cook really tasty, n if Anita could cook like u then,Anita says then,Tiwari says it would be very tasty I ate once n couldn’t make it was a bhendi,Anita says I will recite a poem now n so keep
ur marriage intact when ur wrong admit it n n right u shutup,Tiwari says wow beautiful,Vibhuti says did u get a word of it,Tiwari says yes I do,anguri says but I didn’t ,Anita says I will explain u later,anguri says even I will recite one poem,n so it goes like pot over pot n over it a cell n so if I’m a cow,he is a buffalo, aniat starts laughing,Vibhuti says it’s reality,Tiwari says anguri buy which angle I look buffalo,Vibhuti says every,anguri says why get angry Amaji calls u so,Tiwari says I won’t leave u if u do this again,anguri says u always keep shouting at me,Tiwari says I will keep shouting at u,anguri says oh this man I feel like committing suicide,Anita says Vibhu take Tiwari out.

Vibhuti takes him out n says is this way u talk to a women,Tiwari says u don’t teach me,Vibhuti says now calm down I will get a drink. Tiwari says this anguri spoilt my night,Vibhuti gets drinks, n puts lot of ice in glass,Tiwari says why so much,Vibhuti says to chill.

Amaji gets a call from anguri n she says Amaji I fought with Tiwari n he scolded me a lot,Amaji says don’t worry I will come there n see him n anyways now a days u fight a lot n I thinks there’s something wrong, tomorrow I will visit Panditji n show him ur n tiwaris kundali.

Next morning, Anita walks to Vibhuti n says Wakeup, Vibhuti wakes up n hugs Anita n says good morning n realises there’s no voice,aniat says what’s wrong with ur voice,Vibhuti tries a lot but no voice,Anita says when u know after u have lot of ice ur throat reacts this way now go gargle n also make some tea for urself n coffee for me, Vibhuti signs u knew I’m not well still u do this to me,Anita says no voice but yes hands so cmon get me coffe.

Amaji gets call from anguri,anguri asks did u visit Panditji,Amaji says yes n he said Tiwaris kundali is good but u need to do is tie a rope on a fan as if u gonna commit suicide n recite a mantra for 128 times n all will be fine n then cut the rope n throw it away,anguri says ok I will do as u say luv u bye,Amaji says luv u too.

Vibhuti in balcony gargling,sees anguri tying rope to fan puts her neck in it,Vibhuti panics n starts shouting but no voice n rushes to tiwaris house n starts banging door but no answer n tries telling Pelu but no use so abt to climb throw ladder,Saxena says what are u doing this don’t u have manners,Vibhuti tries to tell him in sign language,Saxena says what’s wrong with u,anyways I will not let u enter my bhabhi ma’s room n takes off the ladder.

Vibhuti sees Tiwari n Anita come n rushes to them n tries to tell them abt anguri,Tiwari asks why is t he talking,Anita says lasts night ice,Anita interrupts Vibhuti wrong n says oh Tiwari is travelling by train,Tiwari says no I’m not,Vibhuti signs read my lips,Anita reads I’m an idiot,she says what’s wrong with u,Anita trying to imitate, Pelu gets a chit n Anita reads it anguri is abt to commit suicide.

Aniat Vibhuti n Tiwari rush to room but door is locked,anguri reciting mantra n signs them to leave but they dint understand,Anita says I beg u don’t do this,n says we need to break this door, Vibhuti runs n pushes door,Anita n Tiwari get her down n says anguri are u mad,anguri says enough I wasn’t committing suicide this what Amaji asked me to do,Anita says like this,anguri says yes Panditji asked to do this to stop me n Tiwari fight n which donkey told u I’m committing suicide,Anita looks at Vibhuti,Vibhuti signs I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.

Pre cap : anguri says I’m not feeling good, feeling week. Tiwari says no reason cmon quick get going make some breakfast quickly. Anguri tries to talk to Vibhuti but he ignores her n leaves,anguri says what’s wrong with everyone why are they ignoring me.

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