Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th April 2016 Written Episode

Gulfamkali massaging Anita’s legs, she asks sir shall I give u a massage too,Vibhuti says no I’m good thanku, Tiwari enters n ask who is she,Anita says my new maid n why are u so surprised,Tiwari says what’s her salary,Vibhuti says 1000 Rs,Anita says no no we give her good salary, Tiwari says she doesn’t look like a maid,Anita says why did u come here,Tiwari says oh yes Tilu went with ama so can I have ur maid,Vibhuti says sure take her away, Anita says what she is our maid,Vibhuti says I’m there for u,Anita says no she is better then u,Gulfamkali says madam if u allow I shall go cook n come back soon he looks so hungry,Tiwari says I’m hungry for food,Vibhuti says liar,Anita says come soon,Gulfamkali leaves with Tiwari .

Vibhuti says Anita why did u call her back,Anita says I like her work u go make coffee for me. Gulfamkali in tiwaris kitchen her lover comes back n says dance Gulfamkali,Gulfamkali starts dancing again n he throws money n her,Gulfamkali performs mujra,Tiwari rushes to kitchen says u,Gulfamkali hugs her,she says u saw my face,her lover says why did u stop,Tiwari says u get out from here,Gulfamkali says his my fan treat him properly, Tiwari hits him n says leave,he leaves,tiwari says Gulfamkali what are u doing here,plz forgive me I thought ur maid but,n what were u doing in Vibhutis house n bhabhiji,Gulfamkali says she doesn’t know ,police is behind me n so I need place to hide n this place is perfect,door beep rings,Tiwari checks its Amma n Tilu,Tiwari says Amma u came so back,Amma says income tax officer raided babajis house n so no Satsang, Tilu go get water,Tiwari says I will get water u stay, Tilu says why will u,Amma says stop this n get me water, Tiwari says Amma I will get u water,Amma says Tilu cook something go,Tiwari says no Amma I will cook,u go rest I will get u some food,Amma says get me here,Gulfamkali sneezes,Amma n Tilu go in kitchen n ask who was sneezing here, Tiwari says Amma must be cat, Tilu says it was some lady Amma,Tiwari says shut up n slaps him, Amma says I can smell ladies perfume,Tiwari says its my perfume,Amma slaps him n says don’t lie,Gulfamkali sneezes again,n Amma finds her hiding in cupboard,Amma asks who is she,Gulfamkali says I’m maid,Tilu says liar u have affair with this man,Tiwari says shut up, Amma she is a maid,Amma says who gave u permission to hire maid,Tiwari says she is Vibhutis maid,Gulfamkali says yes he brought me here , Tiwari says I was hungry, Tilu says what hunger,Amma says why this ghungat,Gulfamkali says hot oil spilled on my face so, Tiwari says come I shall drop u.

Tiwari n Vibhuti at tea stall, Tiwari says why didn’t u tell me it’s Gulfamkali,hapu Singh comes, Tiwari says happy Singh u look quite upset what’s wrong, hapu Singh says what is ur problem, Vibhuti says sounds like no action in life,hapu Singh says what action,Vibhuti says I heard u were thrown out of Gulfamkalis dance show,hapu Singh says who told u,Tiwari says my contacts told me,Vibhuti says is this true,hapu Singh says yes,but I wasn’t in uniform n so they pushed n threw me out,n so I raided her House n closed her bar,Tiwari says do u want to arrest her,hapu Singh says sure,Vibhuti says she is hiding in my house,she is acting as a maid n is in ghungat but I found it n so Anu shdnt know abt it,tiwariji will take Anu to his house n then u shall come to my house n arrest her,hapu Singh says done.

Tiwari rings the bell,Gulfamkali opens the door n asks what’s wrong do u need me,Tiwari says plz call bhabhiji,she says sure n calls Anita,Anita says yes tiwariji what’s burning,why buzzing so much,Tiwari says plz come soon,Tilu is ill plz plz come soon,Anita says oh god come n both leave.

Hapu Singh hides behind sofa,Vibhuti calls Anarkali,Gulfamkali come an says yes sir,Vibhuti says see who’s here for u,hapu Singh comes n says game over Gulfamkali .

Pre cap : Saxena says Vibhutiji I’m missing my anguri ma,Vibhuti says my love will bring my bhabhiji back.

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