Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th August 2016 Written Episode

Tiwari says anguri I’m very sleepy, anguri says no no don’t sleep or else ur dreams , listen I shall narrate u a story,a lion n lioness use to stay together n a neighbour of theirs use to eve tease the lioness when she used to be alone n anguri goes off to sleep. Tiwari says oh she slept before I go to bed let me see bhabhijis face n then i can dream abt her n sees Anita’s picture in his phone n goes off to sleep.

Tiwari dreams n wakes up shouting,anguri says oh no did u see a bad dream again, Tiwari thinks oh no I saw bhabhiji hitting me with her sandals oh shit. Tiwari gardening next day, a robber slowly sneaks into his house,Anita following the robber wearing same shirt as tiwaris as he stole her purse, Towari sees Anita n hides behind a bench, Anita thinks it’s
the robber n starts jphiting him with chappals, Anita sees tiwaris face n says oh no sorry I was looking for thief n he has same shirt as urs,I’m very sorry,Tiwari says don’t be I dreamt abt it last night,Anita says sorry again n leaves.

Thief walks to Tiwari n says never mind it’s a peace getting hit by beautiful women n walks away, Towari says shit it was thief . Anguri Anita Tiwari n Vibhuti sitting together,Vibhuti says u n ur dreams , it’s better u stop sleeping, anguri says this is my mistake I couldn’t keep him away from falling asleep, Anita’s ays don’t blame urself I have an idea for tiwariji, it’s from today anguri won’t sleep with Tiwari but Vibhu will.vibhuti says excuse me I’m very sorry, I can’t stand this man, he snores like hell no I can’t, Anita says what snoring u shd stop him from sleeping, anguri says good idea u n Tiwari dint do well n irritate each other. Vibhuti says I have an idea too,let me bhabhiji n Tiwari stay together good to have company, a oats ays bad idea, mine is better, anguri says yes yes.

Tiwari at tea stall, Tika n Malkha say why dint u dream something good abt us, like luxurious life n beautiful wives, Tiwari says I dreamt abt u two with a girl n she slapping u, Malkha says he will never dream good, a girl Comes n slaps tika n Malkha. Tiwari starts laughing, happu Singh joins them no ays Tiwari bcoz of ur dreams I’m here suspended, Tiwari says ur mistake n not mine, happu Singh says now dream abt me promoted as commissioner, Tiwari says I don’t have control over it, happu Singh says Tika Malkha sing him a song n let him sleep n dream abt my promotion.

Tika n Malkha sing song for Tiwari, Tiwari goes off to sleep, a man comes n shares cake with them,n says I failed again in 5th,happu singhs at stupid boy Go away, Tiwari starts snoring n wakes up scared,happu Singh says yes yes tell us what u dreamt,Tiwari says u will be suspended for 15 days.

Commissioner buying vegetables, happu Singh in anger throws piece of cake n it hits commissioner, commissioner announces 15 days suspension. Tika Malkha start laughing over happu Singh. Vibhuti n Tiwari in tiwaris bedroom, Vibhuti says why don’t u dream good like I’m romancing with bhabhiji I mean ur bhabhiji, Tiwari says why ,go gulfamkali will be available for u,Vibhuti says plz she belongs to prem Chaudhary, Tiwari farts, Vibhuti says don’t u have manners, Tiwari says go home who called u,Vibhuti says u n ur dreams God,Tiwari says I have to go washroom,Vibhuti says u can’t u may sleep in. Tiwari says let me go, I won’t sleep inside.

Tiwari n Vibhuti get into a pillow fight,Tiwari says if u don’t allow me I will have to do it here, Vibhuti says ok but I shall come with u inside, Tiwari says come lets go. Anguri says Anita I hope Tiwari doesn’t sleep, Anita says I’d t worry Vibhu will take care, Vibhu comes out of toilet breathless n faints.

Anita n anguri come in balcony n start calling Vibhuti. Vibhuti Wakes up n walks to window n says he is bathroom, he is in pressure, Anita says why didn’t u go with him, Vibhuti says I did but he is bombarding inside I couldn’t handle it, anguri says go wake him up or else,Vibhuti knocks door but Tiwari locked it from in n slept.

Pre cap : Tiwari says I dreamt something really bad, Anita asks what is it, Tiwari says anguri running behind Vibhuti for kissing, Vibhuti turns around n smiles.

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