Begu Sarai 3rd March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Poonam that i have to catch Choti Amma, she says i will come with you, he says no, Ponam says we will live and die together, he says okay but you will stay behind me.
Lakhan and Poonam comes in Choti Amma’s room, they dont find anyone there, he says she must be in Komal’s room. Lakhan and Poonam comes in Komal’s room, he doesnt find anyone there. Lakhan comes to Bindya and asks if she sees Choti Amma or Komal? she says no you asked me to stay in room, come i will find them too. Badi Amma and Guddi comes to Lakhan and says they are not seen in house, Badi Amma says this must be their trick, maybe they are waiting for right time to attack us, Lakhan says we have to be careful.
Its morning, Lakhan is standing in hall with gun, Mitlaish comes there, Lakhan asks where were you? Mitlaish says Choti Amma’s goons tried to kidnap me and Bhushan, they all ranaway, i will find Bhushan, Lakhan says he is safe, Choti Amma has runaway from house, i am protecting house, Mitlaish says good. Badi Amma comes there, Mitlaish says you woke up soon? Badi Amma says i couldnt sleep, this is new morning, Sarkar is gone, now we have to bring love back in Begusarai, Bindya comes there and touches Badi Amma’s feet, Bindya says i am sorry, i cant be part of this, Maya says what you are saying? Bindya says i am leaving Begusarai forever, all are stunned, Poonam says no, this Haveli is yours, you have right on it, Bindya says not now, the time i came in Begusarai, the peace, love everything is gone, its better that i should leave, Badi Amma says what you did, you were forced to do it, i know even after being blackmailed by Choti Amma, you helped us, Guddi says i have lost Priyom and my kid, now i dont want to lose you, Bindya says okay but i have one condition, i will not live here as Begumsarai, i will stay here as daughter in law of Badi Amma only, she touches her feet again, Badi Amma blesses her, Bindya says i will stay like others, i will work in kitchen and will massage Badi Amma’s feet, Badi Amma asks what about paan? she says i will make it too, she gives house keys back to Badi Amma and says now you have to choose Begusarai, Badi Amma says this is not easy decision for me as my both sons are capable for this, Lakhan says i have said it earlier too i dont want to become king, give this responsiblity to Mitlaish, Badi Amma says i didnt ask your suggestion, Mitlaish says to Lakhan that i need you, i want you and me to take care of Begusarai, will you now support your elder brother? i cant allow you to choose other option, he hugs Lakhan, everyone claps and smiles, Badi Amma says Mitlaish is good in business and Lakhan is powerful, Mitlaish uses his mind and Lakhan understand feelings, they both have guts to be king, from now on they both will be kings of Begusarai, Maya says i will bring sweets, Badi Amma asks Lakhan to bring Rekha and Bhushan back soon, i want them to part of this happiness too, Poonam thinks to tell this to papa and mom too.
Poonam comes to her house, she says to Manjeeta that i came to meet maa, he doesnt allow her to go inside house, Manjeeta says some friends are inside, i dont want you to come in, he goes in closes door, Poonam thinks why did Manjeeta react like this? she leaves. Manjeeta comes in room, Komal is pointing gun at Manjeeta’s wife(vimla), Komal says you did good by stoping her, listen carefully, till everything doesnt get fine, i and Choti Amma will stay here and if you try to tell to anyone then i will kill your wife and daughter both, now go and bring food for us, Manjeeta goes.
Badi Amma calls Pundit and asks about pooja. Guddi asks why are you doing this pooja? Badi Amma says for peace, we will thank God for everything and will start life afresh, Bindya smiles, Maya asks her to taste kheer, Badi Amma says i trust you you would make it nice, Bindya asks her to taste gulab jaman, Guddi says if you praise one daughter in law then other can get jealous, she will mix spice in your sweets, Bindya smiles, Bindya says now only happiness will be in this house. Poonam comes there and thinks that there must be something else he wont do this, he didnt allow me in house. Badi Amma asks Poonam what happened? Poonam says i felt like Manjeeta was hiding something from me, Badi Amma says whatever happened in last few days, it has shaken relations, give them time, everything will be fine, Poonam nods. Pinto comes there and sees Gulab jaman, Bindya offers him but he gets afraid from Bindya, Poonam notices this and says you like to eat gulab jaman(sweets), go to Bindya, she will give you, Pinto says no she will scold me, Bindya gets sad listening this, Poonam says she will not scold you, i promise, go to her, Pinto comes to Bindya, Bindya hugs him emotionally and says forgive me, i scolded you alot, you want to eat sweets? i will make you eat it, she feeds him sweets. Maya says to Badi Amma that Poonam is good at handling kids, Poonam says so? Bindya says so we need new born babies in house too, Poonam smiles shyly, Badi Amma says i will die after seeing Lakhan’s kids only, you will keep shying, i think i will have to talk to Lakhan only. Guddi sees Lakhan standing behind and says to Badi amma that you dont need to talk to him, she points at him, all look to Lakhan, Lakhan gets shy and leaves, Poonam smiles.
Choti amma calls someone and says these Thakurs think that everything is fine now, we have to do bomb blast which will shock these thakurs, Manjeeta is listening all this, Choti Amma says to caller that its not impossible to control Lakhan, you have to do something so that this hide and seek stops, these Thakurs should know the power of Sarkar now, you have to come out soon, she ends call. Manjeeta says to Choti Amma that i request you to end all this bloodshed, Badi Amma has big heart, she will forgive you, she says stop your rant, Manjeeta says even i had revenge in my heart but after losing Dolt, i realized that i have been fighting with my own people and this can never give me peace, Komal points gun at him and says i can kill you rightawar, Vimla says dont kill him, Komal says you seem sensible, i wish your daughter has senses like you, she thinks that Poonam have snatched my Lakhan from me, i just need one chance to take revenge from her

PRECAP- Lakhan says to Maya that if someone is celebrating like their first marriage anniversary then what should they do? Guddi and Maya smiles.

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