Begu Sarai 28th January 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Maya says how will badi amma and choti amma live in that room? Bhanu says did you think that before killing bindya? She is not stone hearted like you, still.
Bhanu says no servants in this house will work from now on.
Maya tells mitlesh. He says i will respond her. maya says no please they will harm our kids. You should return this key to badi ama. He says dont you trust me? She says bindya can blackmail you. He says badi amma has given it to me and i dont care what you all think.

Maya is working in the kitcehn, bahnu asks her to do a lot of work. Badi amma is doing dishes.
Maya says to mitlesh please come with me.
Badi ama comes to servant quarter. she sees everything set for her. Poonam comes in with food. badi amma says you should rest. Poonam says you are working as well. Badi amma says I couldn’t even see you. Poonam says don’t say that. Badi amma says I am your badi amma, go and rest or should I call lakhan? Lakhan comes in and says please eat medicine she wont be able to sleep otherwise. He makes her sit. Lakhan says I am poonam have decided to talk to bindya humbly. But this will take time and your support.

Mitlesh is sitting with komal. He says what are you thinking? Has amrat stopped working on you? She says you need it more than me. So enjoy. He smokes. Miltesh faints. Komal says miltesh.. She takes out key from his pocket. Mitlesh stops her.

Precap-Maya says what are you looking for Badi amma? She takes out a bottle and says finally found it.

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