Begu Sarai 26th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Shakti points gun at Ananya who is lying unconscious, he says i take oath daily that the day i stop fulfilling my mother’s orders that day will be last day of my life so this gun will decide my fate first, he points gun at his head and says lets check what God has written in my fate, he closes his eyes and shoots but there is only one bullet in gun and he doesnt get fired, he says now its Ananya’s turn, God will decide her fate too, he points gun at her and shoots but bullet doesnt get fired, he is shocked, ananya wakes up and sees him looking at lord’s idol, Shakti looks at her, Ananya gets up, Shakti tries t calm her, Ananya gets scared and runs from there, shakti runs behind her, they come out of mandir. Shakti asks Ananya to stop, she keep running, Shakti gets call from Adarsh, Adarash asks about girl, Shakti says actually.. Adarsh says you have killed for first time thats why you are tensed, tie her deadbody, we will come and throw her deadbody in river, Shakti says she ranaway, Adarsh says how? what were you doing? Garv says we have to find her before she reaches police, he says to Shakti that we are coming from this way, we will catch her if she comes here and you follow her and kill her if you get, he ends call, Shakti says God saved her life but she is caught by my brother then..
Shakti runs behind Ananya and asks her to stop, she is running away, Shakti says she will be caught by Adarsh. Adarsh gets call and says someone saw Soni, he asks Samar to go behind them, we will find Ananya.
Shakti asks ananya to stop, Ananya thinks why did i saved his life? how can i forget that he is Maa Thakurain’s son and cant be trusted.
Adarsh says how could girl runaway from Shakti, amar says leave it, lets find her. Garv looks on. Rai and Ramakant are finding Ananya too.
Ananya comes to road and says maybe i will find way. Shakti sees her going and thinks what if Adarsh sees her? Ananya have to cross this path soon, i have to do something.
Shakti asks Ananya to stop, he points gun at her and shoots in air, ananya stops, Ananya turns back to see Shakti pointing gun at her but she doesnt stop and starts running again, Shakti keep looking at her.
Adarsh, Amar and Garv reaches to Shakti, they see Ananya running away. Ananya strikes with car and winces in pain, Shakti looks worried, brothers hide seeing car of Rai hitting ananya. Ramakant and Rai comes out of car, Ramakant comes out of car, Adarsh says to shakti that you have disappointed me, we can kill her else police will file case, we will get this girl soon then we will finish her, Garv looks at Shakti who is tensed. Ananya is taken in Rai’s jeep from there. Shakti says its my fault, i dont know how i couldnt shoot properly, he is tensed.
Bindya gets call about Ananya being alive. She throws away phone and says Shakti have disappointed me for first time, that girl ranaway from his clutches and now in police protection.
Ananya is brought to police station, Rai says i will arrest Bindya thakur today only.
Police comes to Bindya’s house. Ravi comes in Haveli, Adarsh asks to call goons, manager says they have sealed all paths, they are not allowing anyone to come here. Rai says seeing your face, i am sure of my victory now. He smirks at Bindya, Ananya and Ramakant comes there too, Bindya stares Ananya, Rai says for kidnapping and trying to kill ananya, we are arresting you Bindya, we have arrest warrant, police women ties hand cuffs on Bindya’s hands, all are shocked, Bindya angrily looks at Ananya, Ananya recalls how she tortured her, Ramakant recalls how she made him walk with her slippers on his head, Shakti comes there and says when this girl is fine then why are you arresting my mother? you should file FIR against Mayank for making Soni run from house, Ananya says they are arresting her on my FIR, didnt you shoot at me? didnt your mother try to kill me? tell truth, Shakti is stunned, he looks at bindya, he says to ananya that i should have killed you before only. Bindya asks him to stop, Adarsh says this is just allegation, nothing is confirmed, dont do anything, Shakti gets angry and tries to strangle Ananya but Rai points gun at him and says if you try to take justice in your hands then i will bring blood shed here, Shakti stops, Bindya says this is my house and many came to win over here but left, once i get bail, i will send to other district, he says to Ramakant that you made me wear these cuffs but your daughter will bear punishment and it will be worst than death.

PRECAP- Bindya is taken to police jeep, she sits in it and is arrested. All sons are pained and angered. Garv says to Shakti that you stooped so low for a girl, Maa told you to not fall for girl, dont try to lie to me, he points gun at Shakti.

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