Begu Sarai 25th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakhan says to Maya that dont worry, till i am alive, Komal cant do anything to Mitlaish or Manjeeta, i am going right now and will bring him back, he leaves, Poonam gets worried.
Poonam comes in her room, she cries. Poonam calls Komal but he doesnt pick up, Poonam gets call, she receives it, Komal asks why did you call me? Poonam says till when you will keep playing these games? Komal says till you dont say that you lose, Poonam says i have lost, i request you to leave Mitlaish and Manjeeta, Komal says even i am not liking your situation, i will leave Mitlaish and Manjeeta and will never ever look at Haveli, i will never look at thakurs but i have one condition, remove prick between me and Lakhan, you are prick, just go away from Lakhan’s life, you thought that i will thakurs without anything in return? give and take is rule of this world, do you agree to this deal? Poonam says you cant force anyone to love, Lakhan loves only me, you cant make place in his heart, Komal says i know its difficult to make place in his heart but i am doing all this to get Lakhan, dont you remember Lakhan did all this to get married to you and then you fell in love with him, sameway when Lakhan will know about my love, he will start loving me too, Poonam says Lakhan loves only me, its impossible for him to love you, Komal says i will make is possible, i am giving you 3hours, you have to choose between Mitlaish, Manjeeta and Lakhan, you have to choose if wanna save their lives or want life with Lakhan, she ends call. Komal’s man tells her that Thukar men are searching for us everywhere, we can be caught soon, Komal goes with him, Mitlaish says Komal is going crazy for Lakhan, Poonam can agree to her deal in pressure, Manjeeta prays to lord to give strength to Poonam.
Badi Amma asks Maya to eat something for her unborn child, Maya says let it die, his father is in danger, Badi Amma says dont say like this, you have to have faith, Lakhan said he will bring back Mitlaish, Poonam listens all this and gets emotional. Poonam comes in lounge, she sees Lakhan instructing his men to search for Mitlaish but Komal should not get to know else Mitlaish and Manjeeta can be in danger.

Poonam calls Komal and says free Mitlaish and Manjeeta, i am coming to you, she agrees with her deal, Poonam ends call and turns to see Lakhan standing there,

Rest comming soon.

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