Balika Vadhu 1st June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dr. Amit’s dad telling Amit that he was dreaming his marriage since years and when the day have finally come, he couldn’t wait any longer. Dr. Amit recalls his conversation with Nandini and tells Dad that he has doubt if Nandini is happy with the marriage and if she loves me. Dad asks him not to over think. Mr. Shekhawat comes to Suryodaya hospital to meet them. He praises Amit and his dad thinking. He says he wanted nice family for Nandini, who looked at her goodness and ignored the fact that she is balika vadhu. He says he has to make the arrangement and goes. Dr. Amit’s dad also goes. Amit thinks Nandini have to say if she loves me or not. Later in the night, Nandini thinks about her troubled childhood, and recalls how Harki tied her to banyan tree once. She gets scared, and sleeps.

Kundan/Abhayram comes there to her room and says my Nimboli…..Nandini wakes up and asks who are you? She couldn’t see his face because of darkness. Mr. Shekhawat, Jamuna and Krish wakes up hearing Nandini’s voice. Nandini asks him to show the face, but he manages to escape without showing his face. Nandini recalls Inspector Chauhan words that Kundan is freed from jail. She tells Krish that he has escaped. Jamuna asks Mr. Shekhawat to file police complaint and asks Nandini not to get scared. Nandini asks who is she? who came to my room…..Dr. Amit’s dad asks Nurse to update the chart of the patients.

Dr. Amit comes to him and says Vandana haven’t signed divorce papers till now. Dr. Amit’s dad asks him not to worry and says Vandana doesn’t care about him or his marriage, and says she will sign on the divorce papers, just think about your sangeet and marriage.

Sudha comes home. Nani gets happy seeing her. Premal’s dad taunts them. Dr. Amit’s friend tries to flirt with Krish. Krish calls waiter. Abhayram is seen in waiter’s disguise. Krish calls another waiter and asks him to give cold drink to the lady. Abhay ram says Nandini will marry Krish only….I am waiting for someone special….Nandini and Amit dance on the song Mann Mast Magan……………..Everyone claps for them.

Dr. Amit introduces Shanaya to Nandini. Krish tries to make Nandini jealous and asks Shanaya if she liked the mocktail…Shanaya goes after him and says she loves him. Krish says this is not USA, but India, and love don’t happen so fast here. Shanaya asks Krish to tie the dori of her blouse and turns. Nandini comes and ties it. She asks Shanaya to go and enjoy. Krish says he is feeling burning smell coming. Nandini says she can see that he is flirting with Shanaya. Krish asks her to concentrate on Dr. Amit and not on him. Just then Nandini’s dori opens up….she looks at Krish….Krish ties her dori…Naina Baware plays………………Krish says I want to make you feel this all our life, but now my choice has become yours. Nandini looks on. Krish smiles.

Vandana comes to the sangeet function and dances. She later asks Amit if he will not introduces his ex wife to his to be wife and slaps Nandini shocking everyone.

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