Balika Vadhu 18th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivam confessing to Anandi that he had feigned to be ill so that she couldn’t go with Nimboli for Urmila’s goad bharayi. He says I acted so that you don’t go with Nimboli. He says that idea was given to me by Mangla. I liked her idea and even thanked her. He says I realize now that I have done wrong. Anandi asks if that idea was given to you by Mangla? Shivam nods and apologizes. Anandi is shocked. She asks him not to blame himself. She thinks why Mangla did this.

Everyone clean the house. Mangla asks Harki if you and Kundan were in that room. Harki says yes. Nimboli asks what you were going secretly. Harki says we didn’t want your sleep to break. Nimboli asks what are you doing in the backyard. Harki cooks up a fake story. Kamli asks why you didn’t call us when the door is locked. Harki says we shouted and screamed, but nobody heard us. Kundan says we are alive because of Baba ji, and he gave us new life. Kamli is thankful to him, says we should go and take his blessings. Harki says we will go in the morning and take his blessings, smiles at their stupidity. Harki comes to meet Akhiraj and shows the money, says Kamli couldn’t see the money and praises herself. Akhiraj calls her a fool and slaps her. He says I had to come there to save you and Kundan because of your foolishness. She says I curse for the day when I told my truth to you. Harki and Kundan apologize to him. Akhiraj thinks my enemies couldn’t die even now. He thinks to make a concrete plan again to kill his enemies.

Dr. Anant is on the way to Jhalra. Nimboli picks the call and asks how are you? Dr. Anant says he is fine and asks how are you? Nimboli tells him that she is fine now and tells about the fire accident in night. Dr. Anant says I want to meet you and was going from here. Nimboli asks him to come home. Dr. Anant asks her to come on main road and says I brought gifts for you. Nimboli asks him to wait for her in the temple. Dr. Anant thinks to tell the truth to Nimboli and says this will make her closer to Nimboli.

Dadisaa checks the clothes and says it was stitched well. She thinks to surprise Nimboli and thinks to keep it in the almari. She opens the almari and finds the necklace fallen from inside. She thinks it is the same necklace which I gave her on dhanteras. She thinks to keep it safely and finds another same necklace. She gets shocked and thinks old necklace was lost by Nimboli. She recalls Mangla’s words, that the necklace is lost, and she has searched everywhere. She thinks it means Mangla lied to me. She takes both necklaces and goes to talk to Jagya. Jagya asks what is the matter? Dadisaa says there is a matter of worry and shows the two necklaces. She says I got both of these necklaces in Mangla’s room. Jagya says first necklace was never lost. Dadisaa says I have a doubt on her and says we gave our daughter to her.

Anandi still takes her side and says Mangla might have forgotten after keeping it. Dadisaa says can’t you see the truth. Anandi says she is tensed after hearing Shivam’s confession. She tells them that Shivam told that Mangla gave him idea to act to be ill on Urmila’s goad bharayi day. she says I can understand Shivam’s point, but why Mangla doesn’t want me to attend her goad bharayi. Jagya says it is obvious that she don’t want you to spend time with Nimboli. Dadisaa says Jagya said right and says Mangla want to keep you far from Nimboli, and she don’t want Nimboli to become your Nandini. Ganga says we have to go and meet her. Jagya says we have to take care as Nimboli is under her influence. He says her lies won’t work now.

Dr. Anant gives gifts to Nimboli. Nimboli gets happy and thanks him. Dr. Anant asks her if she ever thought why Devimaa is called Maa.
Nimboli says just because she is like our mum. Dr. Anant says we see mum’s reflection in Devimaa and that’s why we call her maa. He says Maa’s place is so high and can’t be wrong. Nimboli says every mum can’t be good. Anant says your mum might be beautiful, smiling, loving like you. Nimboli recalls Mangla making her meet with the woman and referring her as her mum. Nimboli recalls her fake mum scolding her and breaking her heart. Nimboli tells Anant that her mum is very bad and she have met her. Anant is shocked.

Nimboli’s fake mum comes to Akhiraj’s house, and says she came to apologize to Nimboli. Kamli says you are not her mum. Mangla says that is what I am saying? Nimboli asks who is my mum? Anandi comes and says I will tell you who is your real mum.

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