Balika Vadhu 16th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harki telling Mangla that her feet is paining and that’s why she sent Nimboli out so that she can press her feet. Mangla asks have you gone mad? Harki says I should have told Nimboli that Anandi is her mum. Mangla feels helpless and presses her feet. Harki says I am enjoying. Mangla looks shocked. Kamli comes there and sees Mangla pressing/massaging her legs and gets shocked. Harki asks Mangla what you are doing? Kamli asks Harki why she is making Mangla massaging her legs. Harki says Mangla insisted to press my legs when I told her that I am having pain in my legs. She asks Mangla to let her press her legs. Mangla refuses, and says Harki was in pain so I massaged her legs. She asks Kamli to do her work. She continues to massage Harki’s feet. Later Harki is going to meet Akhiraj and thinks he will laugh hearing Mangla obeying her commands. Mangla follows her. Harki sees Mangla in the mirror of the truck. Mangla thinks where she has gone?

Harki comes and pats on her shoulder. She says it is not a cup of your tea to spy on me. She asks her to come and hear Baba’s pravachan and then Rami Kaki’s house. She says you can’t reach him, but I can tell Nimboli fast who is her real mum. She threatens her and asks her not to come in her way. Mangla stops at the way and don’t follow her. Akhiraj counts the money and is happy. Deenu knocks on the door. Akhiraj opens the door and lets him come inside. Deenu gives him mobile phone and sees the money bags. Akhiraj says he has 30 percent share in the money. Deenu says he is happy with 30 percent share, but it is not safe to keep the money in this hut. Akhiraj says he will give the money to someone for safe keeping. Deenu asks who? Akhiraj says he found someone in this village. Deenu is confused and goes out. Just then he sees Harki coming there, and thinks he don’t like her face. He thinks to teach her a lesson and asks her to stop. Harki says I brought food for baba ji. Deenu asks her to go else he will get her kicked out by people. Harki calls Baba ji. Akhiraj comes out and asks what happened? Deenu says this woman is not agreeing. Akhiraj asks him to let her go inside. Deenu says this mad woman trying to go inside. Akhiraj shouts at him and says she is my wife. He asks Harki to go inside. Deenu is shocked. Akhiraj tells Deenu that this woman is his wife and says we can trust just her. Deenu nods.

Kundan comes home. Harki asks where was you? Kundan says I was with my friends. Harki shows him bundles of notes and says your dad have sent it. Kundan gets happy and says it is a treasure. She says Akhiraj have much money than this. Harki asks him to keep it in a bag. Kundan keeps it in the bag and says that he wants to buy motor cycle. Harki says she will ask Akhiraj.

One contractor Satyapal comes to Jagya and apologizes to him for taking bribe. Jagya says I would have given your daughter’s fees and asks him to share his problems with him. He asks him not to do any mistake. Satyapal thanks him and leaves. Jagya’s words is heard by Shivam carefully.
Akhiraj asks Kundan if he want to sit on the cycle and make everyone know that they got money. Kundan says what is the use of money if we don’t enjoy. He says he have to see Kamli, Mangla and Nimboli’s faces in the house. Harki asks him to be quiet. Akhiraj says he is saying right. Harki says what we will do? She says Pushkar is becoming like a man and we can’t do anything.

Akhiraj asks her to be quiet and says he is not asking her to fight with them. He picks the burning stick and asks them to burn everyone in the house, so that nobody gets them ashes in the house. He says nobody will know who have done this. Harki says you mean to say, we have to burn everyone. Akhiraj says yes and that too tonight. Harki is shocked. He asks them to sprinkle kerosene in the house and leave from there, Later Deenu will go and will light fire to the house. He says nobody will get even their ashes in the house, and laughs. Kundan fears about Police. Akhiraj says I will tell Police that you both were in my hut and was doing special puja here. Kundan asks what about our home loss? Where we will stay then? Akhiraj bangs on his head and promises to buy a luxurious house. Harki smiles. He asks them to do as he said. Harki says okay. They leave. Akhiraj says 4 is gone, and now 2 is remaining Anandi and Jagya. He says he will kill them personally and smirks.

Nimboli, Mangla, Kamli and Pushkar are trapped in the fire. They see the doors locked and gets shocked. Nimboli asks Mangla if they will die? Mangla says no.

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