Balika Vadhu 14th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harki and Kundan apologizing to Mangla, Kamli and Nimboli. Kundan asks them to give a chance to him. Mangla says Baba is really miraculous. Harki asks her to meet baba again. Harki asks Kamli to forgive Kundan. Kamli says she don’t believe him. Kundan says I am going to godown and will lift the weight now, it is upto you to give money or not. Harki says Kundan have taken right step for the first time and says it is all because of Babaji. Kamli wonders if they have changed really.

Anandi talks to Sarita in her office. Kavita and her dad comes there. Anandi hugs Kavita. She asks her dad what is the purpose of visit? Her dad tells that Kavita’s inlaws are threatening him and asking him to send Kavita to their house. Anandi says I have applied in court for her divorce. Kavita’s dad says they tried to kidnap her. Anandi asks him to leave Kavita with her in Shiv Niketan. Kavita’s dad thanks her and leaves.

Kamli is in the godown and sees Kundan lifting heavy grains bags. She is confused and sees him working hard. Kundan smiles. Kamli asks Nimboli what she wants to eat in dinner. She sees Harki cooking food? Nimboli asks if you are making food? Harki says I am making your favorite dish. Kundan thinks Harki is acting. He comes to kitchen and says he has tried to work. Harki asks do you want tea or water. Kundan says no and goes to his room. Nimboli says Kundan is changed now and have no anger on his face. Kamli asks her to give water to Kundan. Harki thinks we will win Kamli’s trust soon.

Kundan lie down on his bed. Nimboli brings water for him. Kundan gets angry seeing her, but controls his anger and asks her to keep glass on the table. He drinks it. Harki says you are looking tired. Kundan says I have worked hard to prove myself. Harki says your Bapusaa….Kundan stops her seeing Kamli coming there. Harki says your dad will get happy seeing you working hard. Kundan nods. Kamli says it is for your betterment and gives him tea. Harki thanks her. Kamli says I came to give him tea. Harki says I know you well, and asks her to accept her whenever she feels like. She promises her that she will change for better. She says I have decided to go to my room and will pray that I get my daughter and kundan gets his sister. Kamli melts down and goes. Harki smiles and tells Kundan that she is innocent and will agree soon. Kundan smiles.

Later Harki gets ready and wears all the jewellery which she has, and also wears bridal dress. She smiles looking at herself and says she is looking beautiful. She puts kajal to keep off evil eye. Just then Akhiraj knocs on the window. Harki opens the window. Akhiraj is stunned to see her and says you are looking like a newly bride. He gets inside the room and says happiness will come in your life. He shows her necklace. Harki says is it for me? Akhiraj says what did you think that I don’t remember our marriage anniversary? He makes her wear the necklace, hugs her and gets intimate.

Next morning, Akhiraj wears his old clothes. Harki asks him to wait for few more hours. Akhiraj says I have to go, and says Deenu will get tensed if he don’t see me. Harki says from where did you get him? Akhiraj says I saved him for police and says we will kick him when the time is right. He asks her to take care and says he will leave now. Mangla is giving water to plants and sees a man jumping from the window and eloping. She wonders what had happened and goes to Harki’s room. Harki removes her jewellery and looks at herself in the mirror. She says I have to act again as a widow again, and have to praise that chudail Kamli. She says I have to change these clothes before anyone wakes up. Mangla comes to her room and is shocked to see her wearing bridal clothes and jewellery all around the dressing table. Harki looks smilingly on the bed. Mangla looks shocked.

Mangla accuses Harki for having relation with a stranger man. Harkitells her that he was her husband. Later Harki and Kundan meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks them to burn Mangla, Nimboli, Pushkar and Kamli in the house. They set the house on fire. Mangla, Kamli and others try to open the door and find it locked. Nimboli feels suffocated because of the fire smoke and asks if they will die now.

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