Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 17th August 2016 Written Episode

Pant family panics when Abhishek does not return after a long time. Daadi asks Ramraj to go out and search him. Ramraj says it is raining outside. Daadi says he is not made of salt that he will dissolve. Avni says she will go and search bade bhaiya. Balraj says he will take his wrestler friends and go out. Abhishek calls Sona and network drops. Whole family takes phone one by one and start drama. Ramraj says Abhishek told gun, so he thinks he is coming with gun to shoot Madhu and Kapil.

Sanjay comes with Ria and introduces Ria to Pant family as Meera’s sister. Rohan asks where is Meera. Ria panicks and says Meera did not return home, then where did she go. Daadi asks her to calm down.

Meera and Abhishek reach Pant bhavan compound. Ria gets dad’s call and panics. Sanjay tries to calm her down. Daadi takes phone and dad asks who is she. She says Abhishek’s daadi. He asks why her both daughters are with her. Daadi says it is about Meera. He asks what happened to her. Just then, Rohan opens door and says bade bhaiya came back.. Ria takes back phone and says she and Meera are sleeping and will talk to him in the morning.

Abhishek enters followed by Meera. His family gathers around him and papers. Ria starts scolding Meera. Meera just looks at pant family pampering Abhishek and gets sad. Abhishek then goes to Babli with siblings. Kapil apologizes him and he hugs and says he loves them all. Babli says there is a special glow in his eyes today. He smiles. He then takes rohan and makes him sleep and reminisces time spent with Meera. He divides his herbal tea.

Precap: Abhishek shares his herbal tea with Meera as cold remedy. Aman comes and scolds Meera for being careless. Abhishek tries to take Meera’s side and Aman insults him.

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