Adhuri Kahani Hamari 19th January 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Maya coming to meet jailed Manu. Manu says she is misunderstanding her and did not see truth. Maya pricks her nails into Manu’s shoulder and she writhes in pain. She asks if she is enjoying it and says now Madhav will kill her.

Madhav comes and Manu says he misunderstood her and he should open eyes and see truth. He says he will dismiss her from devrakshika designation and will burn her jewelry and other devrakshika items. Manu pleads again to see the truth and reminds him about their childhood. Madhav’s face changes. Maya turns him back to zombie with her touch.

Manu asks who is she, why did she do to Yuvraj. Yuvraj burns Manu’s taweez and jewelry. Manu reminisces poojari giving taweez to her and saying it will guide her towards path of truth and Devsena giving her ring and asking her to wear it all the time. Madhav walks and Manu pleads to stop. Maya smears his head and he leaves from there hypnotized.

Maya tells Manu that she is marrying Yuvraj tomorrow and after she becomes queen, she will order to kill her first. Manu asks who is she. Maya confesses that she is most powerful icchadhari nagin and calls Takshika. Manu is shocked to see her replica. Takiskha changes back to her midget form. Manu says whatever she tries, she will expose her and will protect rajvansh. Maya turns into half nagin and strangulates her with her tail.

Precap: Manu prays god to protect her. A tiger attacks Takshika and her puppets.

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