Adhuri Kahani Hamari 11th May 2016 Written Episode

Radhika after killing Puru says now her life’s motto is to kill Preeti dayan. Mehek tells that she was cursing all culprits to die, but she is thinking if Krish will come back. Mom says one has to raise voice against injustice and Radhika did right by killing them, they would have done more crimes. Radhika says her revenge is not complete yet, until she kills Preeti, her promise will not complete, real fight is still on. Preeti dayan listens to her via her black magical powers and thinks she cannot win over her and soon will die. She continues her black magic and says till now Radhika was fighting with enemies, nwow she will fight with family.

Radhika tells mom and Mehek that she lost everything in this fight, she just wants to fulfill the promise made to Krish. Om comes there on wheelhair. Mom asks how did he come there. He wakes up holding knife and repeats enemy has to die. Radhika says it is Preeti who is attacking her via Om. Om attacks her, she holds his hand and shakes him to wake up and see it is her. He continues repeating. She asks Mehek to bring gangajal soon. She brings. Radhika sprinkles it on Om and he falls back on chair. She then ties him with magical thread. Om writhes in pain. Radhika says Om is in pain because of Preeti’s black magic and has to die. Mehek says she lost one brother and will not lose another. She requests her not to kill Om. Om also says same. Radhika says she has to kill Om to save them all, else he will kill them. Mehek resists. Radhika holds matarani’s chunri on Om’s forehead and he dies. Mehek and mom cry.

Preeti Dayan tells she made Radhika’s family as her enemy. Radhika tells mom and Mehek that Om is alive and she had to act as Preeti was listening to them via Om. She then chants mantras and gets Om back to life. Om asks how did he come there. Radhika tells him whole story. He feels guilty for attacking her. She says it is not his mistake as he was under Preeti dayan’s control. Om says he will help her in her fight now. Mom and Mehek also take oath to help her and finish evil Preeti. Radhika says she thought she would end Preeti with 2 hands, but she has 8 hands now. They will take Krish’s revenge.

Precap: Preeti captures Om. Om shouts. Radhika searches him. Preeti says Radhika killed her people, so she will kill Radhika’s family.

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